Urban Earthmoving Perth assist our furry friends at RSPCA Malaga

Urban Earthmoving Perth assist our furry friends at RSPCA Malaga

Urban Earthmoving Perth have recently assisted at the RSPCA in Malaga.

With so many animals on site at the RSPCA Malaga Animal Care Centre, it’s extremely important that theyUrban Earthmoving Perth RSPCA Aerial View prepared for bushfire season by clearing excess bush and scrub from around the site before the weather starts to heat up.

They were very thankful, that they had help from Ben Haywood at Urban Earthmoving, who brought in some serious machine power to remove it all, so the animals will be safe when summer arrives.

Ben spent a whole day on site and took care of the disposal of what was removed, saving them a huge job – and expense!

“On behalf of all the animals at RSPCA WA, we’d like to say a BIG thank you to Ben for his kind and generous gesture to help keep our animals safe”


Fuel RightX ® FAQ’S

Fuel RightX ® FAQ’S
  1. WHAT IS FUEL RIGHT X ®   Fuel Right chemistry is more than an additive; it is a complete fuel system treatment.  This is a critical difference since the filming amines in Fuel Right treat your fuel system, not the fuel, so that sludge formation and pitting corrosion are prevented.clean fuel additive
  2. WHAT DOES FUEL RIGHT X®  DO? WHAT ABOUT COST REDUCTION?  Products containg Fuel Right chemistry (Fuel Right, 15K, Marine, Summer Diesel, Winter Diesel, Lube and MAX) inhibit the formation of sludge in clean systems and slowly break down existing sludge in fouled systems.  The particulates released in this process pass harmlessly through the fuel system and burn as part of the fuel.  If there is free water in a system, Fuel Right treats it with a fuel antifreeze, thus protecting against fuel system freeze-ups during winter months.  And, importantly, Fuel Right coats all solid surfaces in your fuel system with a water-proof amine film that prevents bio-films and sludge from forming as well as removing existing bio-films and sludge.  Fuel Right also cleans nozzles/injectors; because of the detergency of our amine based technology, Fuel Right protects ferrous metals )eg steel tanks and filter housings) from corrosion caused by free water and biological activity (MIC)
  3. WHAT MAKES FUEL RIGHT X® UNIQUE?  It is a multi-purpose treatment for middle distillate fuel systems.  It uses unique chemistry that uses a combination of filming amines to slowly dissolve existing sludge (slime) formed by slime-forming bacteria.  Coats tank surfaces to prevent formation of sludge and corrosion and prevents fuel line freeze ups.  In addition to its unique performance, Fuel Right is very cost effective – a single drum (55 gallons) treats as much as 1,650,000 gallons (6,245,250 litres) of fuel!!
  4. WHAT IS “SLUDGE” IS IT HARMFUL?  Sludge is a dense, sticky substance that is formed naturally by bacteria in fuel systems.  Sludge fouls filters, strainers, nozzles and injectors and causes pitting corrosion in fuel tanks and fuel filter housings.  Sludge formation has little to do with the initial quality of fuel.  Even the best fuel produces sludge when biological contamination and condensed moisture get together.  Foulded nozzles in heating systems lead to poor combusion, often with excessive noise and vibration.  Fouled injectors in diesel engines result in rough running and loss of power.  In both cases there will also be soot and excessive air pollution as a result of incomplete combusion.
  5. WHAT ARE “FILMING AMINES”?  Filming amines are long chain organic compunds that have an affinity for solid surfaces.  When added to a liquid delivery system, they deposit a protective coating over metal surfaces such as fuel tanks, fuel lines and injectors and inhibit corrosion by forming a waterproof barrier on metal substrates.  Corrosive agents in fuel or sludge (acids and dissolved oxygen, for example) are unable to contact the metal due to this amine film.